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It's time to grow down a deliciously pretty new path — no matter how little space or time you have! Your patio, balcony, rooftop, walkway, front porch steps — even your driveway — is a bushel basket of fresh, delectable food waiting to happen! And now, with the breakthrough techniques, inspiring projects, and clever tips in Edible Spots & Pots, you can have the gorgeous displays and bumper-crop yields of traditional gardeners — without all the time and work!

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Whether you're tight on garden space, face challenging growing conditions, or have no yard at all, Edible Spots & Pots will give you everything you need to grow your own mouthwatering and affordable veggies, herbs, and edible flowers — virtually anywhere!

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Thriller + Filler + Spiller = Gardening Success!
Discover how easy it is to create a vegetable garden to savor with your eyes AND your taste buds!

Try the unbelievably simple "thriller + filler + spiller" formula! In Edible Spots & Pots, you'll discover this unique concept for creating jaw-dropping container and raised bed combinations. Simply choose one of each type of yummy edible:

You'll be amazed at how beautiful, productive, and easy this groundbreaking technique makes your vegetable garden!

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No guesswork! You get dozens of edible "thriller + filler + spiller" recipes that show you exactly which veggies mix and match best — based on the size and position of your containers and spots — and give you more crops and more fun with less work, time, and resources than conventional vegetable gardening!

No limits! Choose from dozens of veggies, herbs, and edible flowers for any size pot or raised bed, in almost any outdoor space — even those you might think are too tiny or awkward or challenging!

All flourish, NO frustration! Because the "thriller + filler + spiller" recipes allow air and light to reach all the plants in a combination, your valuable veggies are automatically protected from disease and pests! (BONUS: Containers and raised beds need almost NO weeding!)

Birds, butterflies, and beneficials! These bright, beautiful combos attract your favorite garden visitors — including those that keep pests at bay!

Beauty beyond compare! No matter how small your space, these bountiful combinations will keep your garden looking magazine-worthy all season long!

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