Get ready for fun, new way to grow vegetables anywhere Get ready for fun, new way to grow vegetables anywhere

Have your garden and eat it, too —

grow tomatoes in the driveway, dill on the deck, peppers on the porch!

It’s time to grow down a deliciously pretty new path — no matter how little space or time you have! Your patio, balcony, rooftop, walkway, front porch steps — even your driveway — is a bushel basket of fresh, delectable food waiting to happen! And now, with the breakthrough techniques, inspiring projects, and clever tips in Edible Spots & Pots, you can have the gorgeous displays and bumper-crop yields of traditional gardeners — without all the time and work!

Hanging Plant

Whether you’re tight on garden space, face challenging growing conditions, or have no yard at all, Edible Spots & Pots will give you everything you need to grow your own mouthwatering and affordable veggies, herbs, and edible flowers — virtually anywhere!

Surround yourself with lush, edible beauty all season long! It’s so much easier than you think — in fact, your dream garden is just a click away! Harvest your 21-day FREE preview now!

Start Growing “Outside the Plot” Now!

Tomatoes at your fingertips!

You can harvest a juicy, delicious bounty just steps from your kitchen — be sure to plant the foolproof container varieties on page 249.

  • Save on soil the safe way!

    Save money, improve drainage, and increase yields with the “bulking up” secrets on page 18 — but don’t use these popular (but harmful!) fillers!
  • The right time to bug off.

    Get a head start on slug busting by starting at this surprising time of year and using the surefire tricks mentioned on page 101 — and enjoy a summer free of these pesty slimers!
  • Come to the dark side!

    Who says being a shady character is bad? Put the ideas on page 17 to work in your low-light areas and you’ll be growing a bounty of delicious veggies in no time!
  • Fall for pumpkins!

    Yes — you do have enough space to raise these cheerful autumn favorites! For expert advice on the types of pumpkins sure to yield the most in the least amount of room, see page 212.
  • Raise the bar for ease and looks!

    Check out page 50 for the elevated method that nixes all that tiring stooping and bending — it looks fantastic, too!
Thriller, filler, spiller
Thriller, filler, spiller

Gardening Success

for growing vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers

Discover how easy it is to create a vegetable garden to savor with your eyes AND your taste buds!

You’ll be amazed at how beautiful, productive, and easy this groundbreaking technique makes your vegetable garden!

Try the unbelievably simple “thriller + filler + spiller” formula! In Edible Spots & Pots, you’ll discover this unique concept for creating jaw-dropping container and raised bed combinations.

Simply choose one of each type of yummy edible:

  • A dramatic, attention-getting “THRILLER”
  • An accent “FILLER” for shape and volume
  • And a “SPILLER” to extend the visual effect downward
Edible Spots and Pots


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